Looking to the Future of Computing in a Big Data Environment

As industries across the spectrum stand at the intersection of the collision of cloud computing, high-performance computing and Big Data, organizations need to do larger compute jobs, faster, with better results—all while staying within budget.

Future of Computing

The following industries all need to perform their appropriate jobs in minutes or hours, not days, weeks or even months like the current logjam in the datacenter.

  • Oil and gas companies simulating subterranean modeling to aid their oil exploration efforts
  • Hospitals conducting research for childhood ailments such as cancer or autism
  • Satellite imaging company assisting first responders to keep people out of harm’s way
  • Weather organizations chartered with warning the public of dangerous environmental conditions
  • Aircraft manufacturers putting its latest design through a flight simulation

However, these data sets demand intensive processes and analytics before we can achieve that “eureka” moment, which historically has been a very manual, time-consuming process.

As this collision intensifies, companies must tackle Big Data with a whole datacenter approach rather than siloed, specialized environments that may overutilize one area of your datacenter while others remain underutilized. Using all available resources within the datacenter, including virtual machines, bare metal, hybrid cloud, big data and HPC environments, allows IT to streamline the simulation and analysis process, creating a solid foundation to leverage Big Data for game-changing results.

To perform simulations and analyze the accompanying Big Data, it’s key to manage and optimize all available datacenter resources and operate them as one, turning the logjam into an orderly workflow that greatly increases throughput and productivity. This enables companies to solve Big Data challenges faster, more accurately and most cost-effectively, allowing them to go to market with new products rapidly and remain competitive in the marketplace.

At Adaptive Computing, we’ve deployed our solutions on some of the most complex cloud and HPC environments in the world, with some of the most interesting and large Big Data assets. We are constantly pursuing the invaluable insights the enterprise needs to make game-changing decisions and the world a better place.

The industry is entering a new age where Big Data will transform cloud, datacenters and supercomputing into a hub for creative uses. Not all compelling tech problems live at this nexus, but an amazing number do—and the collision will only continue to intensify.

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