How to Network with HPC and Cloud Professionals

Are you looking to connect with other HPC and Cloud professionals? Already familiar with the great men and women on the Adaptive Computing team? Besides attending, MoabCon and other supercomputing events, we turn to social media to help us network with other HPC and cloud professionals.

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Connect and Engage with Peers on LinkedIn

First things first, do you have a LinkedIn profile? LinkedIn is a great way to connect with like-minded professionals and to network with your peer group. Adaptive Computing uses our LinkedIn Company Page to connect with employees and potential customers, as well as showcase our products and industry news. Make sure to follow our page to stay up to date!

LinkedIn is a great opportunity to engage with your peers. Join LinkedIn groups in your area of interest to discuss news articles, industry highlights, and any questions you may have. Take a look at the following groups specifically for people with an interest in cloud computing and high-performance computing:

Join the Conversation on Google+

Get involved on Google’s favorite social media platform with Google+. Adaptive Computing uses our Google+ Page to follow influential people and businesses in private cloud and HPC High Performance Computing, as well as showcase YouTube videos and industry news. Make sure to +1 our page and add it to your circles!

Just like LinkedIn groups, Google+ offers a comparable opportunity to engage with like-minded professionals. Detailed below are two Google+ communities in the industry:

Follow Influencers on Twitter

Each social media profile has its own unique capabilities. Twitter allows you to reach out to professionals in real time to share industry news, a funny picture, or meet up for happy hour. It’s easy to search for professionals by their name or even search for keywords in the industry: “HPC” or “private cloud.”

Adaptive Computing uses our Twitter profile to reach out to influencers in the industry to retweet or share their content. It’s also an opportunity to live tweet our user conference and other events throughout the year, following a designated hashtag #MoabCon2013. As a company, we network with HPC and cloud professionals through public Twitter lists:

We hope these tips help you to expand your network with other HPC and Cloud professionals. If you haven’t already, connect with Adaptive Computing on social media to stay up to date on the latest company and industry news.

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