How Moab Cloud Suite Optimizes Your Private Cloud

The Moab Cloud Suite continuously optimizes your private cloud so users can set up their own IT services in minutes. While eliminating the risks of application issues, failures, and costly management headaches, Moab Cloud Suite’s Service Catalog portal presents available services in a quick search format so users can easily find the service they need. Admins can easily create service templates and these “right-size” service templates help you perform the following:

  • Optimize service performance
  • Speed user requests
  • Reduce service failures
  • Reduce over provisioning waste
  • Reduce IT staff burden and costs

Moab is able to handle service creation and optimally place VMs in your private cloud environment. Your private cloud will benefit from Moab Cloud Suite through:

  • Optimized service creation and placement
  • Service Catalog Portal enablers user self-service
  • Easily create and “right-size” service templates
  • Easily create a full range of cloud services
  • Optimized placement policies correlate service, SLA, infrastructure, and time needs

Adaptive Computing software is award-winning and can help your organization save time and money when optimizing your cloud environment. Learn more how Moab Cloud Suite can bring intelligent cloud management for an agile, automated, and adaptive data center.

Looking for other opportunities for Adaptive Computing to help your organization in the cloud? We’ve recently joined the OpenStack Foundation to bring our experience in policy-based optimization to the OpenStack community. See what our Moab OpenStack-based solution can do your enterprise.

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