Fireside Chat with Rob Clyde, CEO of Adaptive Computing

I recently sat down with Rob Clyde, CEO of Adaptive Computing, to get his insight into the company and where the industry is headed with big data challenges for its customers.

Take a look at the dialogue below: 

Q: What are the challenges your customers face today?

A: Today’s enterprise needs to rely on collected data and simulation results to keep competitive in the marketplace. No longer can CEOs make business decisions based on hunches and what they can physically extract from industry research. Businesses are turning to their CIOs and data scientists to leverage big data to help predict likely outcomes and make data-driven decisions. Unfortunately, the increase in compute and data intensive workflows creates a logjam within the data center.

Q: Does Adaptive help alleviate the logjam and solve these big data challenges?

A: Adaptive Computing enables large enterprises in oil and gas, financial, manufacturing, research and government to perform simulations and analyze big data faster, more accurately and most cost effectively. Moab manages and schedules all available datacenter resources including HPC, cloud and big data, as one, turning the logjam into an orderly workflow that greatly increases throughput and productivity. Because Moab oversees priorities, resource requirements, SLAs and more, it can adapt to business priorities, delivering the invaluable insights the enterprise needs to make game-changing, data-driven decisions.

Q: What uniquely sets Adaptive apart and allows you to process intensive simulations and big data analysis better than your competition?

A: Adaptive Computing is a pioneer in private/hybrid cloud, technical computing and large-scale scheduling, holding 30+ patents with over 20 more pending. We are one of the few companies with extensive experience in all three areas—HPC, Cloud and Big Data. Adaptive manages many of the world’s largest private/hybrid cloud and technical computing environments with Moab, its award-winning optimization and scheduling software. Moab’s recent recognitions include the Gartner Cool Vendor, HPCWire’s Reader’s Choice, and the Red Herring 100. Adaptive has over 300 global customers that make the world a better place by developing cancer-curing treatments, helping first responders during natural disasters, predicting the weather, discovering the origins of the universe, lowering energy prices and emissions and so much more. All of this would not be possible without a product like Moab.

Q: What are the new products and technology you’ve recently announced?

A: In the past month, we announced five newly awarded patents for our intelligent power management that enable Moab to significantly increase energy efficiency. The patent concepts include:

  • Calendar-based power capping – Helps navigate power quotas by identifying optimal times to operate data-intensive simulations
  • On-demand power management – Optimizes workload by properly allocating resources and powering off servers as needed
  • Predictive placement – Employs power-aware policies to manage energy consumption within data centers more evenly and save on cooling costs

At SC13, we announced Moab Task Manager, which greatly increases throughput on short/small jobs. Moab Task Manager allows 100x faster throughput, launches 10 jobs per node per second and reduces latency. Additionally, we announced our integration of Moab/TORQUE workload management software with the Intel HPC distribution for Apache Hadoop software, which combines the Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop software with the Intel Enterprise Edition of Lustre software.

Take a look at the Adaptive Computing YouTube channel for more company updates including dialogue with Adaptive employees, product demonstrations, and webinars.

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