Converging Worlds: HPC, Big Data, and Cloud

As High Performance Computing becomes more and more mainstream, it is also changing. The HPC world of the near future will include aspects of cloud computing and big data.

Merging- it's good direction

HPC in Mainstream Business

Analytics calculations over large datasets have become very common in modern businesses. Marketing teams want to understand which campaigns perform the best. Finance teams want to model various market scenarios. Product planners want to process large demographic datasets to find the best locations to launch products. Since the datasets in question are large, multiple powerful computers must be used to perform the analysis. Although these users may not call what they are doing HPC, it certainly is. Multi-machine batch processing is what HPC is all about.

HPC + Big Data

Since HPC is now being used in mainstream businesses, it is also changing. Big data is a key part of this change. Most mainstream HPC use cases are driven by the need to crunch large amounts of data. Big data technologies such as Hadoop, clustered storage, and data visualization are now merging with traditional HPC technologies. The result is powerful.

HPC + Cloud

Public and private clouds have changed how we think about computing. They are also changing HPC. Public clouds offer large numbers of compute nodes that can be economically rented for a period of time. For HPC jobs that don’t need to run continuously, this can be a huge savings. Private clouds provide flexibility, self-service, and cost savings to on-premise computing. Many HPC sites are finding productivity and cost savings by using private cloud technologies in HPC.

It’s exciting to see how HPC is changing to meet the needs of mainstream business users. Here at Adaptive Computing, we’re proud to be helping our customers benefit from this HPC evolution.

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