Adaptive Computing Joins the OpenStack Community

We’re happy to announce that we’ve joined the OpenStack Foundation to bring our experience in policy-based optimization to the OpenStack community. Moab OpenStack-based solution provides open and flexible policy-based optimization that enables enterprises to use their existing management tools to automate service performance and cost optimization for OpenStack-based environments.

Moab’s open and customizable policy architecture complements the openness of OpenStack by providing all the enterprise value of the full cloud management stack while still keeping solutions open.

Moab integrates and extends OpenStack environments with its Web Services plugin architecture, easily incorporating the data and metrics of other trusted tools to drive more accurate policy-based optimization and automation of the cloud. Now enterprises can avoid any vendor lock-in that limits performance of their cloud or software licensing savings as they look to leverage lower cost or open source alternatives.

Our Moab OpenStack-based solution provides open and multi-dimensional policies so customers can fully optimize their services and savings by:

  • Leveraging specialized physical capabilities or configuration in policies to optimize services stability and performance
  • Utilizing existing or future management tools and data in policies to ensure service performance and meet SLAs
  • Integrating choice of hypervisors to deliver and provide policy metrics for services and applications
  • Guaranteeing availability SLAs with time-based service placement and management

Currently, Moab is the only cloud optimization tool capable of delivering the multi-dimensional policies and the level of openness needed for optimizing and correlating the full service workload from application and service-level agreements (SLAs) to virtual resources, physical layer, and time. This is essential to be able to automate the delivery and management of services that precisely meet the needs of diverse users and multi-tier applications.

Adaptive Computing is well suited to be a strong contributor to the OpenStack community due to over a decade of expertise in policy-based optimization and our experience supporting the TORQUE open source community. With our additional software offering of Moab solution for OpenStack, we can give enterprises greater flexibility by leveraging the metrics, monitoring, template and training to automatically manage and adapt to cloud services to meet business needs, no matter what the future holds.

Adaptive Computing has implemented initial proof of concept OpenStack-based solutions with multiple customers allowing these early adopters to experience the power of policy-based optimization in their cloud environments. Want to take a closer look at OpenStack-based solutions? We’ll be showing a sneak peek of these capabilities at VMworld in booth #516. We hope to see you there!

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