Adaptive Computing Ensuring Fast and Green Supercomputing

When it comes to today’s supercomputing, Adaptive Computing is ensuring the fastest supercomputers are also the most energy efficient or green. Adaptive Computing’s workload management software runs on the fastest supercomputer in the world and on the greenest supercomputer in the world with customers claiming the top spots on the TOP500 and Green500 list, respectively.

Green Supercomputing

In two recent articles from VentureBeat and CIO Insight, Adaptive Computing discussed the importance of green supercomputing.

VentureBeat: The green supercomputer: Adaptive Computing is ensuring fast doesn’t mean wasteful

In this article from VentureBeat, John Koetsier sits down with Adaptive Computing CEO, Rob Clyde, to discuss what it takes to make super-computing super-efficient.

“Increased efficiency is, of course, key. But that increased efficiency can’t come at the cost of performance — not when supercomputers or major private clouds are running mission-critical applications for governments or companies. Clyde says Adaptive helps with both.”

CIO Insight: The Next Generation of Green IT

Samuel Greengard’s recent article for CIO Insight showcased Adaptive Computing as a vendor that is in this next generation of green IT utilizing more efficient high performance computing and cloud environments.

“These systems consolidate workloads, power down components when they aren’t required and offer processors optimized for energy efficiency, such as Intel’s Xeon chip.”


Interested in learning more about green supercomputing? Find out how Adaptive Computing’s Moab green functionality is helping to reduce energy waste within datacenters. 

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