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Using Moab Job Priorities – Creating a Prioritization Strategy

Job Priority Calculation Function

Just over a year ago, I wrote my first post for this blog. It was (only in my opinion) a quaint little flight of fancy dealing with job prioritization in the world of TRON. Today, I want to be a little more grounded. Let’s talk about how Moab calculates job priorities, or in other words, […]

Tuning The Engine: Moab Speed Improvements


Did you ever ride one of those single-piston two-stroke motorcycles? We used to call ours “Thumper” —it had a lot of torque and did a great job getting you up a hill, but wasn’t necessarily the fastest from zero to 60MPH and wasn’t very pleasant on the highway. Modern sport motorcycles have four or six […]

An Update on Ascent for TORQUE

Ascent for TORQUE update

Since my last blog post on the Ascent Initiative there have been a lot of new improvements and we have a lot more data. The following chart provides data on two improvements previously mentioned but unquantified as of my previous post. This relates to having the jobs report mom status instead of the server polling […]

MoabCon 2014: You Should Have Been There


Hopefully, you were one of the many people who attended MoabCon this year in beautiful Park City, Utah. If you weren’t, there’s really only one thing I can say, You really missed out. Really, you did. It was a wonderful few days filled with inspiring stories, new innovations, exciting futures, good friends and, of course, […]

Inside Operation “Deep Insight”


At MoabCon last week, I had the pleasure of introducing the public to the architecture of Adaptive Computing’s new product enhancement, code-named “Deep Insight.” This exciting add-on component, scheduled for the Kilby release in late Q2, is all about surfacing treasure that’s long been hidden beneath the surface of Moab’s internal object model. It captures […]

MoabCon 2014: Keynotes and Technical Sessions

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 11.26.59 AM

Yesterday marked the first full day of MoabCon 2014! The day brought opportunities to dive deeper into Adaptive Computing’s software during insightful technical sessions, sparking engaging dialogue between customers and Adpative employees. In addition, MoabCon attendees heard from Adaptive Computing CEO, Rob Clyde, during the Opening Keynote and Jason Bucholtz from DigitalGlobe during the Customer […]

Second Annual Adaptie Awards

Accelerating Insights with Adaptive Computing

Here at Adaptive Computing, we’re continuously in awe of how our customers stretch the capabilities of Moab in various environments. That’s why we created the Adaptie Awards at MoabCon 2013 to honor specific individuals and organizations that continually push the technological envelope using Adaptive Computing’s software. At MoabCon 2014, we’re proud to announce the winners […]

In the News: Adaptive Computing’s Big Workflow


It’s been little over a month since Adaptive Computing announced our newest workload management solution, Big Workflow. Internally, we’ve been raving about this solution and its ability to solve big data challenges for a while now, but now that the news is public, the industry is taking notice. Take a look at the recent articles […]

Quality and Big Workflow

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 9.53.21 AM

Adaptive Computing has a formula: Workflow management + Big Data = Big Workflow. At the root of this Big Workflow formula is a lot of intelligently written code as well as a foundation for creating quality. The importance of quality can be recognized throughout history in many ways, from architecture, space exploration, food, and even that […]

MoabCon 2014: Experts Gather to Discuss the Latest in HPC, Cloud Computing, and Big Data

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 10.55.23 AM

It’s that time of year again, MoabCon 2014! Join the Adaptive Computing team from March 31 to April 3 in Park City, Utah. The theme of the conference is “Accelerate Insights,” and will teach Moab users how to streamline the analysis process, reducing the time to discovery. MoabCon 2014 brings together Adaptive Computing customers, partners […]