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Inspiring the Next Generation of Women to Blaze Trails & Embrace STEM Careers


I recently returned from vacation in Orlando, Fla. where I had the opportunity to visit the Kennedy Space Center for the first time. It was exciting to see our customers and partners’ logos lining the walls as reminders of what HPC has helped create. As I toured the launch sites and walked the halls of the […]

Women in Computer Science: My Mother’s Experience

Women in Computer Science

In 1971, Congress designated today, August 26th, as National Women’s Equality Day to commemorate the passing of the 19th Amendment. The 19th Ammendment prohibited any United States citizen from being denied the right to vote based on gender; in other words, it gave women the right to vote. In honor of this day I wanted to […]

Why #HPCMatters


Back in March, I posted the SC14 video introducing this year’s theme: #HPCMatters. Since then several different organizations have posted videos expressing why #HPCmatters to them and should to the rest of us. Today, I’d like to share a few of those videos with you (with their YouTube descriptions). NCSA: A world without supercomputers, #HPCMatters […]

What’s Missing For A Successful Big Data Implementation?


My previous blog proposed an answer to the drivers for big data and why it’s happening now. To review they are: cloud computing, low cost, high performance hardware, network ubiquity, mobility, social networks/computing, and sensor/machines data. Ok, so what’s missing from this list? When several technology areas evolve in an overlapping fashion and at high […]

Game Changer for HPC Scale and Performance

Game Changer for HPC

The exascale wave in today’s HPC market is creating an inflection point, where familiar solutions are simply inadequate. Modern supercomputers have so many internal network interconnects and coordinate so many calculations at such a rate that traditional scheduling cannot keep up. Jobs sit idle when they should be running; policy constraints are lost in the […]

Benefits of OpenStack for HPC

Benefits of OpenStack for HPC

Join us on August 20th (2-3pm MDT) for the next Society of HPC Professionals (SHPCP) event, “Benefits of OpenStack for HPC” webinar featuring a panel of industry experts. The industry looks to OpenStack as an agnostic open source platform that can span multiple environments such as Cloud, HPC and Big Data. Adaptive Computing has compiled […]

Taking the Master Out of Puppet


As we prepare for the Utah County Puppet Users Group to begin here Provo Utah, the DevOps team here at Adaptive has started to contemplate what topic we want to contribute to the community. One of the topics we have identified is our use of Puppet in a masterless state. The Adaptive blog touched lightly […]

Lincoln Ascent: Communicating Between Moab and TORQUE


One of the major development projects for TORQUE 5.0 and Moab 8.0 was the Ascent project. We were extremely pleased with the progress made during this effort, so we’re continuing the effort into the next release (codename: Lincoln), and I’d like to take this chance to introduce it. The purpose of Ascent is to rapidly […]

Perspectives and Personas

Rubin Face Vase

Right now I am in India, a land of beauty filled with wonderful people. It has been said India is an assault on all of your senses, I believe that is true. The colors, sounds, flavors and smells exude the essence of foreign and exotic entrancing the American mind. Have I mentioned, I’m loving it? […]

Now Is The Time for Big Data

iStock_000042872664Small (1)

Several people have asked me why? Why is big data happening now? Why is it important? Why should I care? Why should my company care? Sometimes things just happen. In the case of big data, it seems like it just happened, but in reality it is a natural occurrence, bubbling to the top of a […]