Adaptive Computing

Nitro High Throughput

Nitro is a highly powerful, yet simple task launching solution which operates as an independent product but can also integrate seamlessly with any HPC scheduler. Instead of requiring individual job scheduling, Nitro enables high-speed throughput on short computing jobs by scheduling only once for a large set of jobs. Learn more:

Remote Visualization

Remote visualization is a key contributor to an organization’s productivity. With remote visualization, users spend less time waiting for files to be moved between their workstation and the cluster as they simply render remotely and visualize it locally. Users also save time due to more effective collaboration through shared sessions. Organizations avoid having to purchase high-end […]

Viewpoint Job Submission and Management Portal

Viewpoint is a rich, easy-to-use portal for end-users and administrators, designed to increase productivity through its visual web-based interface, powerful job management features, and other workload functions. The portal provides greater self-sufficiency for end-users while reducing administrator overhead in High Performance Computing (HPC). 1. Simplify HPC Job Submission for End Users Does your organization make […]

Elastic Computing

Elastic Computing gives HPC administrators the ability to manage resource expansion and contraction to increase productivity by providing additional resources when required. By bursting to private clouds or other data center resources utilizing OpenStack or other standard platforms, elastic computing helps admins better manage the provisioning and performance challenges of bursty workloads. View this demonstration of […]

The New FAQ Knowledge Base

Every support organization hopes to be proactive in delivering technical solutions before a customer calls for advice. More often than not, it comes in the form of a publicly-accessible knowledge base. At Adaptive Computing, we have been gathering, documenting, and researching topics that we feel are most widely applicable to our community and have put […]

7 Steps to Installing Moab in Minutes

by Corin Kochenower Adaptive Computing introduced the “Automated Installer” in the 9.1.0 release of the Moab HPC Suite. What was once potentially a multi-day process can now be completed in a matter of minutes to a few hours depending on the components you choose and the size of your cluster. Installing and configuring software in […]

Adaptive Computing Improves Ease-of-Use & Cost Efficiency in Moab HPC Suite 9.1 Release

PROVO, UT (November 9, 2016) – Adaptive Computing announces the latest major release of Moab HPC Suite and related add-ons. The new release introduces several improvements for increasing resource/cost efficiency and ease-of-use. In addition, its new full suite installation wizard makes it possible to install Moab HPC Suite 9.1 and associated add-ons in less than […]

Adaptive Computing Opens Up Platform of Products

PROVO, UT (November 14, 2016) – Adaptive Computing, provider of award-winning workload and resource orchestration software, announces it has opened its commercial platform of products in two crucial ways in order to give customers easier access to its best-of-breed tools.  First, Adaptive Computing has taken its Moab HPC Suite – Enterprise Edition and modularized the […]

Adaptive Computing Launches New Reporting & Analytics Solution

PROVO, UT (November 14, 2016) – Adaptive Computing, provider of award-winning workload and resource orchestration software, announces it has released its new Reporting & Analytics tool for enabling organizations to gain the insights that improve resource utilization and efficiency, ultimately helping to better align resource usage with mission objectives.  Organizations heavily invest in expensive resources […]

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