Big Data, Crowdsourcing Aid Search for Flight 370 – Datanami

US-based satellite imagery provider DigitalGlobe is using its recently acquired crowdsourcing website Tomnod to search for missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. DigitalGlobe activated its crowdsourcing platform on March 10 in an effort to locate the Boeing 777 jetliner that mysteriously disappeared on Saturday, March 8, 2014, while en route from Malaysia to Beijing. DigitalGlobe is […]

Interview: Adaptive Computing Brings Big Workflow to the Data Center – insideBIGDATA

High Performance Computing (HPC) has traditionally taken place in the realms of research and government. Now Adaptive Computing is heralding a new trend it calls “Big Workflow” that makes it possible for enterprise customers to gain insight into enormous amounts of data through HPC. We sat down with Jill King, VP of Marketing at Adaptive Computing, […]

Adaptive Computing Announces Moabcon 2014 Conference with Keynotes from HP, Cray, The Dow Chemical Company, DigitalGlobe and More

Global Experts to Gather at Conference in Park City, Utah to Discuss the Latest Developments in HPC, Cloud Computing and Big Data Second Annual Adaptie Awards Will Honor Outstanding Adaptive Computing Customers PROVO, Utah (March 19, 2014) – Adaptive Computing, the company that powers many of the world’s largest private/hybrid cloud and technical computing environments […]

Big Workflow: The Future of Big Data Computing – Scientific Computing

How can organizations embrace — instead of brace for — the rapidly intensifying collision of public and private clouds, HPC environments and Big Data? The current go-to solution for many organizations is to run these technology assets in siloed, specialized environments. This approach falls short, however, typically taxing one datacenter area while others remain underutilized, functioning […]

TMC Newsroom Interview with Adaptive Computing – TMCnet

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Accelerating Insights with Big Workflow: Podcast with Rich Brueckner

In this slidecast, Rob Clyde from Adaptive Computing describes Big Workflow– the convergence of Cloud, Big Data, and HPC in enterprise computing. “The explosion of big data, coupled with the collisions of HPC and cloud, is driving the evolution of big data analytics,” said Rob Clyde, CEO of Adaptive Computing. “A Big Workflow approach to […]

Adaptive Computing | 2014 Big Data Predictions

Rob Clyde, CEO of Adaptive Computing, says, “big data requires a streamlined approach to a complex data analysis and simulation process that can manage all resources across multiple computing platforms.” Listen in during this interview as Rob explores Adaptive Computing’s 2014 big data predictions. 2014 Big Data Predictions: 1.) Enterprises will combine computing resources for […]

Adaptive Computing Rolls Out Moab Task Manager & Intel HPC Distribution for Hadoop

In this video from SC13, Rob Clyde from Adaptive Computing describes the company’s main announcements at the conference. * Moab Task Manager, a localized decision-making tool within Moab’s HPC Suite that enables high-speed throughput on short computing jobs. Learn more: http://www.adaptivecomputing.com/blog-hpc/increase-efficiency-of-short-computing-jobs-with-moab-task-manager/ * A partnership with Intel around Intel Hadoop. Adaptive is integrating Moab/TORQUE workload management […]

Moab & HP CMU Uptime Automation | Demo

The demonstration walks through how Adaptive Computing’s Moab integrated with HP’s Cluster Management Utility. The demo illustrates Uptime Automation using CMU and Moab together. Adaptive Computing and HP now provide customers joint dynamic capabilities for creating self-optimizing HPC environments that leverage their HP hardware and HP Cluster Management Utility capabilities. Moab HPC Suite™ – Enterprise […]

Quiz: Do You Really Know Big Data?

As a part of the HPC community, it’s not too surprising that Adaptive Computing has been boning up on our big data. Trends are emerging where we see big data applications and HPC starting to merge, which is one reason Adaptive announced a partnership with Intel Hadoop to integrate Moab and TORQUE with their distribution […]