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Moab and TORQUE: Divide and Conquer

Just like the area of an ever-increasing rectangle, the challenge of scheduling larger and larger HPC systems becomes, in the worst case, a problem of evaluating an ever-increasing number of jobs against an ever-increasing number of nodes to find the best fit. Partitioning the cluster helps with this problem in some cases, but when you […]

Tooling for Timing

My father was a master gardener—I guess that’s not a big surprise for a man that grew up on a farm, studied soil science in college and went on to become the Chief Trainer for the US Soil Conservation Service. While the science of agriculture is still a mystery to me, I can see how he […]

Measuring Changes to Moab’s Scheduling Engine

Years ago I took a weeklong course in making cabriole legs from one of the country’s preeminent period furniture makers. We intently watched the master craftsman as he drew out plans for a tea table that we were to complete that week. The curves of the legs were drawn by hand, and then a template […]

Tuning The Engine: Moab Speed Improvements

Did you ever ride one of those single-piston two-stroke motorcycles? We used to call ours “Thumper” —it had a lot of torque and did a great job getting you up a hill, but wasn’t necessarily the fastest from zero to 60MPH and wasn’t very pleasant on the highway. Modern sport motorcycles have four or six […]