Adaptive Computing Releases Two New Editions of Moab HPC Suite – TMCnet

November 21, 2012

Adaptive Computing (NewsAlert), a provider of private cloud management and high-performance computing (HPC) workload management software, stated that its newly released Application Portal Edition and Remote Visualization Edition of its Moab HPC Suite make use of advanced access models to ease the process of data collection and interpretation and enhances the time it takes to derive significant results.

Adaptive Computing explained that its HPC workload management products embedded with the patented Moab intelligence engine optimize scheduling and management across workloads and resources, based on policies. They accelerate results delivery and maximize utilization while simplifying workload management across complex, heterogeneous cluster environments or even HPC cloud environments.

The newly released Moab HPC Suite – Application Portal Edition features the NICE EnginFrame application portal that streamlines job information access. From a single point, users are provided with the means to access information, which brings down costs throughout the design and research processes. Supporting common ISV and open-source applications, the new edition removes the need for users to undergo any special sort of HPC training.


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